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Lineaeffe is a leading Italian company of Fishing Tackle and has been operating in this field for almost 25 years. Since 1981, the company has increased its experience and research in order to improve its products, and has became one of the most important Italian manufacturers of fishing tackle, rods, reels and floats.


At Maxima, creating monofilament fishing lines of unparalleled quality is a passion that began 40 years ago. Nestled in the hills of Germany's Bavaria region is Maxima's state-of-the-art research, development and manufacturing facility where today's most advanced and precise line extrusion technology transforms extremely pure, virgin nylon formulations into the world's highest quality monofilament.


On the basis of experience accumulated in the past, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies and listening to fishermen's needs, D.A.M. has achieved excellence in fishing gear. D.A.M.'s purpose is to make the most innovative and technical products obtainable by all.


Eddystone is continually producing new and innovative products for the sea angler, and its quality products are available from all leading distributors and retail outlets worldwide. This year, a further range of products has been proudly added to the Eddystone Tatler Brand.

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